Cosplay dreams!!!~*~*~

Hello again!! I did a silly thing on the tumblrs last night in which I reblogged an ask meme requesting people to tell me who I ought to cosplay, and I got lots and lots of good responses!! Some of them I'd already had plans for, hee~

  • Sailor Uranus (already started painting an old pirate sword and looking at wigs!!)

  • Utena Tenjou (Revolutionary Girl Utena)

  • Tuxedo Mask

  • Fakir (Princess Tutu)

  • André (Rose of Versailles)

  • Sailor Star Fighter Kou Seiya

  • Sayaka Miki (Puella Magi Madoka Magica)

  • Howl (Howl's Moving Castle)

  • Ramiel (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

  • Sailor Ramiel (in which I make a head-sized version of the above and wear it as a funky helmet thing along with whatever sailor senshi fuku I've already made)

  • Haku (Spirited Away)

  • Spike (Cowboy Bebop)

  • uhhh probably some others that i'm forgetting idk

  • i just wanna cosplayyyyyyyy

  • yeah that's it great post yeah

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Eastella Magi Lolita Magica!!

Easter meetup photos!! I'm only posting ones of myself, not so much out of narcissism (although a little bit of that too), but because I'm not sure who else is okay with me putting there picture here! (not that more than maybe 3 or 4 people will even see it,  but just to be safe!)

We went to the park and had a picnic, but the pavilion was already reserved for a wedding...we had to pack up everything and move to Sucre a few hours later, after most of the food had been eaten and the Easter egg hunt was finished though! Sucre has amazing tea and pastries! I loved my pistachio macaron: perfect texture and flavor, not overwhelming or too sugary, but just big enough to satisfy a sweet craving. Silly card games, magical friendship, and witty banter ensued, until Alex and I decided our introvert powers were growing weak and we ought to leave for the Toys-R-Us across the street. (A mom asked us if we "did parties", and it took us a minute to realize she meant "take money to hang out with kids at birthday parties" and not "go to meetups and drink cheap booze"...neither Alex nor I are too fond of children). Alex got a sparkly Hello Kitty lava lamp and I got a nice pair of fuzzy Hello Kitty headphones! We're suckers for Sanrio, not even sorry.

Anyway, friend Alex and I went for...unicorn-themed OTT creepycute, and we didn't twin at all or even match really, but we were both adorable! He was kind enough to lend me a blouse, wig, and many accessories, as well as assistance assembling the coord and is generally responsible for any success in this coord at all.

The pictures aren't very good but I'm happy with how the outfit came out, dammit, so here they are!

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.33.19 PM

Here, I deeply contemplate the nature of the mac-n-cheese available at the picnic. (I contributed French baguettes, those little triangles of Swiss cheese, and a surprisingly delicious $9 bottle of rose champagne. There were no leftovers).


The person taking this photo caught me by surprise, so I did what I normally do in pictures which is to smile as dorkily as possible.  Oh well! You can see my bread, the gorgeous print, and get a good idea of the accessories. I had a cross necklace, a unicorn necklace, a pearl/rose choker, 4 or so rings, 7 or so bracelets, and a zillion infinity hair thingamabobs! The few that were mine are offbrand, and I can't really speak for Alex's things but I suspect as much the same.

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.32.08 PM

Forgive me my facebook arrow!! At least it's a nice view of my favorite hair piece, and the wonderful fluffiness of the wig itself!

Screen shot 2013-04-19 at 10.32.45 PM

My leg/footwear! (And darjeeling tea, unf). I wore stupid hipster-goth cross leggings (alternating between traditional and Petrine, ooh spooky), stupid Halloween socks from Target, and my stupid space boots. I'm really into silver and I'm going to incorporate it into lolita as much as makes sense!!

This was a few weekends ago but oh man it was so much fun!! Everyone in the NOLA group is really charming and lovely, what a great time!


My name is Allister Sascha Madison and I am a new baby brolita! I'm primarily going to be using this blog (is that what it is?? I'm very unfamiliar with livejournal i'm sorry) for loli-documentation and for buying/selling/etc, as well as for getting inspiration from what other people are doing with lolita. I come from a decade-long goth background but I'm finding myself very much loving sweet, classic, and country as well as gothic styles. (Pastel goth has become the death of me, and I'm having a hard time trying not to make every single coord idea OTT bittersweet/creepycute).

The only piece of lolita I really own right now, besides a v. nice petti from retroscope, is a
Twinkle Journey JSK replica by Oo Jia in black. (I'm obsessed. It's flawless. My first dress was my dream dress hell yes hell yes. Space unicorn warlocks with books and jewels and flowers?? Mhmm). However I have just ordered the Starry Night Angel JSK in lavender by Chess Story and I'm very excited to receive that as well!! Right now, my loli-goals are 1. acquiring a couple of nice but inexpensive blouses, one with long bell sleeves in black (probably this f+f one), and one with short sleeves in black and white each. I'm looking for lightweight material too because I live in the South and whooooo whee it gets hot here! Also~ 2. Accessories and jewelry, mainly socks/tights, hair pieces, and maybe a couple of necklaces and rings, 3. a pair of basic white shoes, and 4. a few wigs. I've already ordered this silver one which should go with both twinkle journey and starry night angel just fine, but I probably ought to get a simple black one and a lavender one as well (lavender - hell, purples in general - is my new favorite, send help).

Future coords I'd like to do:
- Unicorn (Bittersweet?) Hime
- Vampire Gothic Hime
- Shiro
- Space-themed coord

Other than that, I'm really just kind of compiling a small list of dream dresses/skirts and collecting basics and things that work with the overall styles I'd like to try. Pretty much every brand has a lot of beautiful things I'd be interested in, but I'm reeeeeally fond of basically everything JetJ touches. However I'm a college student with a barista job so I'm saving up my pennies for a taobao wardrobe base in the mean time! I've done a few basic/beginner/ita/crappy/wannabe/etc coord-type-things before but there aren't a whole lot of very good pictures of them (my phone has no camera, boo), but if I find any I'll post them here and embarrass myself. Might make a list of dream dresses later too if I'm still busy procrastinating on my church history paper. Welp there I am! Hello nice to meet you!
I'm on tumblr way too goddamn much so if that interests you then you could follow me there. Tips, tricks, recommendations, bad puns, pancake recipes, you name it, hit me up! I love friends let's be friends yes :D